Of course, the other option is also difficult to believe

I walk into the kitchen and plunk a couple of bottles on the counter.

Me: The lady at the liquor store says I have great taste in wine.

Erin: She was flirting with you.

Me: Is it so hard to believe that I might actually have a developed palate?


Erin: Yes.


borther John said...

when I was in college, I believed I was a wine genius. On a date, I ordered a bottle of red from our waiter. When the host came to pour our wine, she asked, "Now this wine pairs excellently with our lamb and our tenderloin dish. What are the two of you eating?" Smuggly, I let her know that's precisely what we had ordered which confirmed my talent. My date smiled as if to say, "he's so dreamy and knowledgeable."
Later, I listened as the couple next to me oredered chicken and fish and a bottle of white. Minutes later I listened to this exchange between the host and the man at the other table; "Now this wine pairs excellently with our chicken and our fish dish. What are the two of you eating?"......... Unfortunately, my date overheard this exchange as well.... maybe I wasn't so dreamy after all. But, a good lesson in humility.

Unknown said...

Adulthood is a string of moments that remind us of what pompous a-holes we were earlier in life.

Jordan said...

You charmer you.