Technology and its noble uses

A few weeks ago.

Phone: Ring. Ring.

Me: Hello?

Female voice: Hello, sir. I'm calling from Bell Aliant to tell you high-speed internet is now available in your ar-

Me: Yes. Sign me up.

Female voice: Don't you want to hear about -

Me: No. Just do it.

Female voice: Alright...

Me: Is this the easiest sell you've ever made?

Female voice: It's up there.

It took until this week for the technician to come hook us up. We'd been without high-speed internet since we moved from Cape Breton.

Henry was more excited than I. And for good reason. Imagine going a whole five months without being able to watch this.


auntie said...

Oh I am soooo happy for you, and for Henry.
That was wonderful!

mel said...

how fun!