How to convince them to come with me to take the dog for a walk

Me: Hey, guys. Want to take the dog for a walk?

Henry/Jane: No!

Me: Please?

Henry/Jane: No!

Me: But how else will we save the lost kingdom of Zanbar?

Henry/Jane: What?

Me: We have to find the lost treasure that will restore the ancient kingdom!

Henry: How was it lost?

Me: The entire Island Kingdom of Zanbar was plunged into the deepest ocean for a thousand years, only to be returned as the island we know as Prince Edward Island.

Jane: Who plunged it?

Me: The residents of an alien planet by the name of Troolops.

Henry: I hear the Troolopians are trying to get the treasure, too.

Me: It's true! We have to go and get it! The legend says the treasure is hidden on this VERY FARM! And we have to take our treasure-seeking dog!

Henry/Jane: Let's go!

(Later we learned our family is the heir to the throne of the lost kingdom; our ancestors were off-island at the time of the great plunge. We also banished the Troolopians [who raced us to the treasure] in our magical, one-way rocket back to Troolops. The treasure was exposed when we recited an ancient spell, passed down through the generations of our family as a nursery rhyme. "Round and round the garden, like a Teddy Bear; one step, two steps, and a TREASURE under there." Also, we all have swords.)


Carman said...

This is such a lovely story. Reminds me of when my children were younger and we rebuilt the land of ancient kings! Didn't do enough of that I'm afraid. Glad you are doing more!

Unknown said...

Your Troolopians might enjoy our Bamfoozles. They live in Australia, when they aren't visiting the ancient land of Sungaria (unfortunately they can't settle in Sungaria because there aren't enough mountains.) They are white with pink noses, and carry their babies in cunning little devices that apparently look like furry Baby Bjorns. They are very kind to one another, and often go to Sungaria to keep the peace. I am in love with the Bamfoozles - and I had nothing to do with their creation.