I can think of no suitable title

I abruptly halt at the bathroom door, my eyes stinging by what I may or may not have just seen.

Me: Jaaaaaane?

She quickly stands bolt upright. She looks extremely guilty.

Jane: Yyyyyess?

Me: Were you just about to lick the toilet?

Long pause.

Jane: No?


just us said...

What was that about Jane being "a rock", a "log"? Perhaps her stmach is too.

Jordan said...

My decision to read this before drinking my morning coffee saved my laptop from what almost certainly would have been a huge spray of coffee accompanied by the sounds of choking, coughing and uncontrollable laughter. Phew!

Karn said...

that's awesome.

movita said...

So, just to be clear, licking toilets... not cool?

Unknown said...