My new favourite thing


Our success depends on complete silence.

We tip-toe down the hallway. Slowly now. Time is on our side.

Far away, in the family room, Erin, Henry and Alice play. The noise of this activity will be our shield. You and I continue our stealthy trip to our destination, which we now approach.

We stand silently outside the bathroom door. On the other side sits an unsuspecting Jane--her feet dangling, a Richard Scarry book perched on her lap. She's been looking for Goldbug for the last 20 minutes, and will continue to do so for another 20, if left alone.

If left alone....

My hand is suspended a fraction of a centimetre from the door handle. My next actions must be in perfect sync, or the project is doomed.

1, 2, 3..

I simultaneously yank the door open and yell at the top of my lungs:


Jane shrieks! The book leaps out of her hands. Her legs kick out as her bum jumps 10 centimetres from the toilet seat.


Her shrieking quickly morphs into giggling, which is drowned out by my own laughter. I will laugh heartily for the next 10 minutes.

Parenthood is fun.


Jordan said...

Those without children don't have to endure all the hard work of parenting, but they sure are missing out on a great source of entertainment.

Carman said...

But did she ever find Goldbug?

Unknown said...

Over and over again. It ain't the finding that's important; it's the searching.