That's kinda nice

The kids are asleep. Erin and I sit chatting on the couch, exhausted again, having the usual conversation.

Erin: You should go to bed.

Me: YOU should go to bed.

We hear the pitter-pat of feet in the hallway.

Me: Dog?

Erin: I'm pretty sure it's a kid.

Sure enough, a very sleepy Jane comes padding out to the living room.

Me: Well hello, Janey. You OK?

Erin: I don't think she's awake.

Her eyes are half closed. Her cheeks are puffy. She says not a word, but climbs on my lap, curling up like an infant. I melt.

Erin covers us in a blanket and turns down the light. We stay this way for a while before moving to bed.

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karn said...

that IS kinda nice. we will miss curling up with you guys this weekend...