Her future's so bright

Jane got a new pair of sunglasses yesterday. They're pink with big dark lenses. They haven't yet come off her face.

This morning. At breakfast.

Jane: Mum, pretend you don't know who this pretty girl is.


stablepersonality said...

Too cute. This also brings me to something I've been wondering about lately. I see young children all the time now wearing sunglasses. I don't think I ever wore sunglasses until at least high school (and then only for the "cool" factor), certainly not as a small child. Was that just me? Or is kids wearing sunglasses something that has developed in recent years in this more sun-conscious era?

Unknown said...

I'd say it's a sun conciousness thingy. Erin made sure it had all the SPFy stuff.

But, it has to be said, she does look very pretty with her shades on. The curly hair doesn't hurt.

auntie said...

For sure! Get those kids accustomed to sunglasses and sun hats asap.

Tell them they look cool and gorgeous, whatever it takes.

(I'm not going to take the time to link the Australian skin cancer sites, etc. etc. because Erin's on top of it :-)