I have been reminded of another story from our breakfast out.

Waiter: And what would the young lady like this morning?

Jane: Eggs, please.

Waiter: And how would you like them?

Jane: (pointing to nothing) Like this.

The waiter, to his credit, knew she was referring to the photo in the (closed) menu.

Waiter: (writing in his pad of paper) Scrambled. OK. And would you like bacon, ham, or sausage with your eggs?

Jane: (without a pause) Sausage.

Erin and I caught each others' glance across the table. The message was clear: does Jane know what she just ordered?

We don't eat meat, (Well.... Erin, Jane, and I eat fish and eggs. Henry calls us a bunch of carnivores.) but we've always tried not to make a big deal of it. I don't particularly care what you eat. I'm not in charge of your body. When we had kids, we decided they could eat whatever they like. But, since Erin and I are in charge of making the meals, we don't eat meat. If the kids go to a birthday party and there are hot dogs, they can decide themselves if they're going to eat them.

The plates came. Jane's was already covered in her favourite foods: eggs, potatoes, and toast. And... these things.

Erin cut the sausages into bite-sized pieces while Jane ate the rest of her food.

Jane speared one with her fork and placed it in her mouth.

Jane: (eyes wide) It's good. (chewing, eyes wider) It's really good.

She cleaned her plate, raving about how much she loves "this place."

Jane: (to Erin) Next time, can I just order sausage?


Bon said...

like so many foods, so long as she doesn't catch on that you can actually make that stuff at home, it's cool.

Oscar recently caught on that Superstore sells the ketchup he eats with great passion at daycare. his father, who loathes ketchup with a moral derision difficult to capture in words, is traumatized.

Calvin Smith - Century 21 Macintyre Inc. said...

That is great! You know if one was to make their own sausages at home, I'm sure you could figure out a veggie version. Also, any meat version made at home would surely be better and healthier. After seeing Jamie oliver's food revolution we need to make sure our kids know where food really comes from and not just that it comes from restaurants and boxes.

stablepersonality said...

I really like your approach to food philosophy with your kids. I wonder when she'll realize that what she ate is something that was once walking around? And I wonder what she'll think about it.

Unknown said...

She knows very well what she ate, and flaunts the fact in front of Henry.

"Henry. I ate a PIG."

Bojan said...

Brilliant. Next time we see each other, I'll make you something tasty and vegetarian and Jane and I can have sauerkraut and bratwurst ;)

Anonymous said...

I know you guys can't play favourites... but I can. Jane is mine.


Anonymous said...

so hungry.....

Unknown said...

Deborah... Jane is in my top 3, for sure.