What do normal children argue about?

It is a beautiful day. Sunny. Warm. The kids munch snacks on the back porch while I chop vegetables in the kitchen.


Jane: Waaaaaaah! Henry, no! Henry, NOOO!

Me: What is going on out here?

Jane: (still sobbing) Henry said something mean.

Me: What did he say?

Jane: He said I'm not made out of skin and blood and bones.

Me: What did you tell her?

Henry: That she's made of molecules.


auntie said...

'Twas ever thus. Only the words change. The rest of it? Same old, same old.

Unknown said...

True. But this response seems to imply you had normal children, which I know not to be the case. :)

auntie said...

It's all the great paradox. What IS normal after all? All "normal" children are "special" in their own abnormal way, I guess.

We can wait to see who else chimes in...

mgoogoo said...

Your children are just too cute :-)