Giggles and the gang

I was turning over the front garden yesterday when my spade uncovered a bit of white plastic. I picked it up, dusted it off, and found it was a toy zebra.

"Brenda!" I yelled. "I haven't seen you since last summer."

It struck me we have some toys with names that may be forgotten if I don't record them. This post is another for the historical record, rather than for public consumption (read along, if you like).

Tim: a giraffe with no ears (Henry bit them off, if I recall correctly)

Giggles: a tiger (he was with us until a few months ago, when Jake ate his head)

Brenda: a zebra

Hoompra: an elephant

Globotron: Henry's first dinosaur

Himpy: Henry's second dinosaur

Himpy: a hippo (Henry forgot he'd already used the name, and it stuck)

Lobsty: a lobster

Snow Guy: a man in an old fur parka

Snow Girl: his girlfriend

Snow dogs: their two dogs

Beebee whale: a small killer whale

Mumma whale: a large killer whale

Creamy: Henry's favourite stuffed dog

Pink: Jane's pink dog

Moley: the felt mole Erin made Jane for Christmas a couple years ago

Blurtle: a blue turtle

Blue puppy: a blue puppy

Cugga: Jane's baby doll

This seems like a lot of toys. Keep in mind many are no longer with us...


auntie said...

Fats, full name Fats Furgeson, a teddy with a particularly fetching expression, joined our family when Calvin was four. Spent several years with Jeremy and has now returned to live with Matt and Emma in the home of his original owner.

Dead Robot said...

We had a cloth monkey called Charlie.

So many brave toys have come and gone. You should make a memorial.

Misty said...

Owen has only a few that are named something other than what they are with a y at the end. Tiger = Tigey and so on.
A blue cow: Booey
Stuffed Gund bear that might be older than me: Kevin
Black bear from the Yukon: Black Teddy (bam-a-lam)
Brown teddy with sand in his feet, a flat ass and possibly the ugliest kids toy ever: Teds
Stuffed Dinosaur who lives on the couch: Raymond

stablepersonality said...

I had a much-adored and lugged around sheep named "Baa Baa", and I still have a gund giraffe named "Spotted Donkey"-- I was 5, it looked like a donkey with spots, not a giraffe. No one told me any different until I was about 12.