Jane's understanding of the universe deepens every day

Driving. Henry and I are having a mild argument. I truly cannot remember what it was about. I only remember the ending.

Me: ...and yet, here we are. The sun rises and sets, and we're all still alive.


Jane: Grandma D isn't.


stablepersonality said...

kids are amazingly perceptive that way.

Ruth Anne said...

Grandma D's ruffly white and mauve African violet, that she gave me when she moved out of the house, is just finishing up the most fabulous flowering burst I've seen since it came here! I just know it's because she has now had a chance to again give it her special touch from heaven.

Jon said...

Dave, I recently posted something very similar on FB.

Dear old dog Kaya met her end while Miriam was in NB and I was home with the girls for five days. We'd joked before mom left that dad was capable of keeping the kids alive.

On the way to the airport I turned to the girls and said, "Well, five days without mom and everyone survived." Sophie, earnestly and without missing a beat, said, "Everyone except Kaya."


Unknown said...

I saw that, and noted the coincidence. I think we had a similar reaction. Obviously sad to lose a family member (as Kaya was), but hilarious to have an idiom or cliche thrown back in our faces.