Erin is pregnant. Again.


Due in February.

Tell your friends. Again.



Neal said...

I can't wait to recycle all of the advice I've received over the last 9 months (as if you've never heard it before).

"You're NEVER going to sleep again."

Jordan said...

Slow down will ya? How the heck are Leen and I supposed to catch up now?

Unknown said...

Neal -- I told myself I'd never hand out unsolicited parenting advice. I watched myself give some to you the other week but was helpless to stop it. It is a disease.

Jordan -- maaan, you gotta hurry up. We're pros.

Note: the word verification on this is "pregra" -- which is almost exactly how Alice says "pregnant."

Anonymous said...

Very happy, yet not surprised...

love, Deborah

Anonymous said...

Very happy, yet not surprised.

love, Deborah

Craig Wesley said...

Excellent. Ought to bump up your postings output by a good 50% initially before tapering off to a more sustainable 30-35% year-on-year increase. So while this news makes me very happy for your family, I am (almost) equally happy for myself.

FYI, my verification word here is "snerfied"...a very fine word, in my view, regardless of its meaninglessness. I hereby claim authorship/sole ownership of this word, which is henceforth patent pending.

Anonymous said...

Had I better warn whatever province you are eyeing next? Oh, and have you started to cruise by the 2nd hand mini-van dealerships?

Hugs to all including pregra mama.

PS "Adshing" - sounds like some marketing term. Maybe I should reinvent myself as a business guru by making it a marketing term.

Anonymous said...

You win. Congratulations!

movita said...

Wow. Not so much for the pregnancy but for the new look of the website.

Shiny. New. Website.

(But the pregnancy thing is pretty super awesome too.)

Unknown said...

Thank for commenting, movita. auntie will flip out with glee.

auntie said...

Indeed I am dizzy with delight!

(and happy about the pregancy too)