Fathers Day stories

My Fathers Day presents included a couple of stories written by world-famous authors Henry and Jane. Here they are, dictated by the kids, transcribed by Erin, copied for you by me.

Toby & The Rockin' Noggins
By: Henry

Toby was a space tow truck driver. One day, Toby was flying in his space tow truck when he saw somebody he knew: The Rockin' Noggins. They were giant-headed robots. He stopped to say "Hi!"

The Rockin' Noggins wanted to go somewhere new. Toby took them to the Space Volcanoes. Toby was just about to take them home when one of the volcanoes erupted. Toby flew off as fast as he could with the Rockin' Noggins attached to his winch. They flew until they got home.

The End

Exciting, eh? Whew! For a second there, I didn't know it they were going to make it!

Princess Jane & Prince Henry & Monster Alice
By Jane

Once upon a time, there was a princess and a prince named Princess Jane and Prince Henry. They saw a giant Alice Monster. She was a monster what looked like she had a pointed poisonous nose, sharp big teeth, with pink eyebrows and orange teeth.

She tries to eat Prince Henry and Princess Jane. Monster Alice runs after them and they run into their castle and they lock the door and they flew into a rocket ship, and they flew and they flew and they flew to Earth.

Monster Alice was on the grass and they played hid-and-seek in their rocket and Prince Henry hid behind Princess Jane and they fell into a river and Jane went up and whipped Henry in the tail. And then they went home.

The End

I like how Monster Alice turns good when there's prospect of a round of hide-and-seek.

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Craig Wesley said...

Excellent. Dibs on film rights for both.