We visited the farm of some new friends recently and a certain horse made a big impression on little Alice. Joey the horse was very interested in this cute little girl in my arms, and spent a good five minutes sniffing and smelling every squirmy inch of her.

Ever since, everything is Joey. Case in point: the story I am now required to tell every time I changer her diaper.

Me: Once upon a time, there was a little girl named-

Alice: Joey.

Me: And Joey had a very nice dog named -

Alice: Joey.

Me: One day, Joey and Joey decided to go for a walk. While they walked, they met Joey's best friend: a little boy named-

Alice: Joey.

Me: So Joey, Joey, and Joey walked along in the glorious noon-day sun, until they came across a house. They knocked at the door. A woman answered, and said, "My name is-

Alice: Joey.

Me: "What a coincidence," said Joey. "My name is Joey, this is my dog, Joey, and my best friend in the whole world -- Joey." So Joey invited Joey, Joey, and Joey in for a cup of tea. "This is a new kind of tea," said Joey. "It's called-

Alice: Joey.

Me: "Sounds delicious," said Joey, Joey, and Joey, in response to Joey. So Joey, Joey, Joey, and Joey sipped their Joey, and as thing usually go, they began to talk about kangaroos. Specifically, they talked about baby kangaroos. "I can't remember what you call baby kangaroos," said Joey. "Can you, Joey?" asked Joey. "Of course I do," said Joey. They're called-

Alice: (big smile) Alice-boo.

Commence tickling and giggling now.


Craig Wesley said...

For Alice, then:

Unknown said...

Can't wait to show Alice! Thanks, Craig.

word verification: satinge -- I assume it's a glossy paint finish.

stablepersonality said...

Just wait until Maggie frisks her with her elephant-like muzzle. Murray might be afraid of her, if not, he'll bury his nose in the crook of her arm.