Jane is awake

Wednesday night, 8:30. The kids are in bed. I am chopping vegetables in the kitchen.

I hear the padding of what Alice calls 'nakey feet' in the hallway. Jane walks into the kitchen.

Jane: Dad...

Me: Not sleepy?

Jane: No.

She slept on the way home from the beach this afternoon. I understand.

Jane: What are you doing?

Me: Making tomato sauce.

Jane: Can I help?

Me: That's very nice, Janey, but you should probably do something quiet. Why don't you get out your pad and pencil crayons and draw pictures with me here in the kitchen.

Jane: OK.

Erin joins her at the kitchen table and they draw a monster together. It has a yellow face, orange horns, light green ears with dark green spots, red teeth, and pink claws.

Erin: This is very scary.

Jane: I know.

Erin: (getting out her black pencil crayon) What shall we call it?

Jane: "Fire Belly Monster With Penis."

Erin: (pauses slightly, then writes) OK...

Jane turns four on Sunday. She has requested mussels and chocolate cake.


Unknown said...

what, no sausages?

Unknown said...

Ha ha.

(Erin took her to the market the other week and surprised her with a plateful of sausage. She was in heaven.)

just us said...

She and Sophie could have a contest to see which almost 4 year old can eat the most sausage. We were at our neighbours for supper last week and they kindly put on a wide ranging spread of appies to include the kids' tastes/allergies. The table being pretty full, our hostess plunked down between our duo a huge serving bowl of sausages cut into bit sizes. 10 mins later and our pair had devoured every single one. Titch embarrassing. Do we feed them but scraps?

Unknown said...

Only a jerk would fault them for that! A plate of food set in front of kids is a plate of food set in front of kids.

Verification word: wargers -- those who warg

Craig Wesley said...

Any Jungian worth their salt would have a thing or two to say about that drawing. Of course, much depends upon what colour the penis is?

"Nakey feet" is going straight into my personal lexicon, by the way.

Unknown said...

I will have to consult the drawing. I know I also forgot to mention his fire belly is red.

Alice is very quotable. We try to put shoes on her before we go out, and she insists "No no, Dadda! Nakey feet!"