This post sounds like bragging. Really, I think he's a huge (lovable) dweeb.

I am making supper. Henry walks in. He's wearing cleats.

Henry: When's the World Cup final again?

Me: Sunday.

Henry: (visibly aching) Oooooooh.

Me: I wonder who Paul is predicting to win.

Henry: Who is Paul?

Me: Didn't I tell you about this? There's an octopus in Germany named Paul who has predicted the outcome of all six of Germany's matches in the World Cup.

Henry: Cool. How does he do that?

Me: They have two boxes in his aquarium with mussels in them. One has the German flag on the outside. The other has the other team's flag. Whichever he goes to first is his prediction. He's six for six. It's amazing.

Henry: Well, octopuses are the molluscs with the biggest brains.

Me: They're molluscs?

He looks at me like I'm a moron.

Henry: Helllllo, no backbone?

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Craig Wesley said...

Huh. I didn't know that either. I mean, I'd *suspected*....