UPDATED AGAIN: The week that keeps on giving

I am in my office. The phone rings.

Me: Hello?

Erin: Hi. You're going to love this. Alice ate a mushroom in our backyard when my back was turned.

Me: Are you sure she ate it?

Erin: Not totally. She spit some out when I found her.

Me: Are they the ones that grow all over in the grass?

Erin: Yes. We should probably take her in.

Me: Yyyyup. I'll be right home.

Erin is on her way to the ER (again) with Alice. I'm sure she's fine, but I know they don't like to mess around with kids and wild mushrooms.

As far as I can tell, they're Panaeolus foenisecii -- Lawn Mower Mushrooms. One site tells me they could be dangerous to young kids. Another says she could be in for a trippy afternoon.

I'll keep you posted.


Update: Who knew there was a doctor in Charlottetown who is also an expert in wild mushrooms? Erin and Alice are on their way now.

Jane, when she was one, also ate some mystery mushrooms. The doctor in Cape Breton made her drink some gaggy charcoal liquid and sent her home. This seems more.... informative. Especially for Erin, who seems a teensy bit giddy about this doctor. Just this weekend she was wondering about where to find a good mushroom identification poster.

And Alice seems good so far. No hallucinations to report.

Update 2: Dr. Shroom gives Alice the all-clear. If she, in fact, did eat any of the mushrooms, it wasn't enough to be concerned about. Now the kids are at a nearby park looking for more toxic things to ingest.

Good hustle, everyone.


Bon said...

banner week indeed.

we've been wanting to invite you guys over for a meal sometime when things settle. how bout you find out about those mushrooms first, and then we'll decide whether or not we want you to bring 'em for trippy pizza toppings, or no. :)

Unknown said...

Depending on what Dr. Shroom tells us, it could be Awesome Pizza.

Funny -- I bought chantrelle mushrooms at the market this weekend for the first time. After a hearty feed of them with pepper and pasta, I was ready to divide my life into two sections: pre-, and post-chantrelle.

Craig Wesley said...

Thanks for the update...I have been a nervous wreck all day. Am I too old and hypertense to be friends with the Atkinsons now? I wonder...

Unknown said...

Well, Craig Wesley, you wouldn't be the first farmer/international banking consultant this family has burned through, and you certainly won't be the last.

Unknown said...


stablepersonality said...

What a week indeed. We're thinking of you....of course thinking of you now involves mushroom cravings.