Acknowledge me

Alice is grumpy.

We are in the car. It is the afternoon, and she has not napped. Probably will not.

Alice: Want say something! Want say something!

Me: What would you like to say?

Alice: Want say something! Want say something!

We cannot understand why she doesn't just come out and say it. It is driving us, and her, crazy.


Alice: Want Henry say something!

Henry, who ran out of patience with his screaming sister a while ago, is not impressed.

Erin: What would you like Henry to say?

Alice thinks a moment.

Alice: Want Henry say, "Hello, Alice."

Henry: (reluctantly) Hello, Alice.

She smiles. Her suddenly bashful shoulders scrunch up to her blushing cheeks.

Alice: Hi.


Wendy said...

I love this. Brings back memories from young upstarts sitting around my dinner table or pressing against my legs while visiting neighbours, explorng their person-ness within the family.

Alice is.

ArtSmithApostle said...