Effort with pronouns

A neighbour commented the other day about how well Alice speaks.

"She just turned two?" she asked.

"Yes," I replied. "We grow them big and verbal."

It reminded me of Henry. He was speaking in paragraphs well before he turned two. It was creepy to people how well this chubby baby could talk. There was only one problem: pronouns. Specifically "I" and "you." He had them mixed up, to adorable effect.


Baby Henry sits on the potty. He is shocking his newbie parents with his enthusiasm and competence. (He will later abandon the project until he nearly turns four)

Baby Henry: (standing up from the potty) You want to look.

Me: But you're not done yet, Cornbread. Just take your time. Relax.

He sits. His little face turns red. He tries to show his dad how patient he can be.

Baby Henry: You're really enjoying it.

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