Every wedding should be a Cape Breton wedding, part one

The piper has played his tunes. The guests have all arrived. Most of them sit patiently in the rows of chairs in the grass. A few of us with kids hang back in the wings, near the trees.

The fiddler starts. Everyone is so focused on the tent where we assume the bride will emerge, we miss the fact the groom is already standing at the front with the minister. Sneaky groom.

The first of the bridesmaids and groomsmen emerge from the tent. They walk the 50-or-so metres to join the groom. A second and third pair follow. Most of the women in attendance ready their tissues for the big show.

She appears. Henry's assumption that she would surprise us all by being dropped in by helicopter is false. She emerges from the tent and the effect is no less dramatic (except to Henry). She is beautiful. This is her day.

Jane bolts.

She is heading directly for the bride. I gasp and take off after her. She has a ten pace lead, and damn it if she isn't fast for a four-year-old.

"Jane!" I quietly wheeze . "Stop!"

She turns her head slightly. The corner of her eye sees that I am chasing her.

Oh good, she thinks. A game.

She runs faster.

"Hee-hee hee-hee hee-hee!"

She is a third of the way to the bride when I catch her.

"Hee-hee hee-hee- HEY! DADDY! LET GO!"

She kicks. I carry her by her armpits to a quiet spot by the trees, where we watch two of our best friends get married.


Visit IA said...

Ahhh, but part one. The piper's not piped 'is last!

Jenna said...

Henry, sorry to disappoint on the entrance. We'd hoped for a cannon for our exit, but were thwarted on that front. I hope the dancing made up for it! :)