Earl, part two: baseball in the eye

We got our power back in the early afternoon, just as Earl struck. By the time he got to little ol' PEI, he had slowed to a tropical storm. But he was a noisy fella'. The sound of the wind was constant.

Until it wasn't. Somewhere around 3 or 3:30, everything stopped. One minute, we were working in the kitchen with the sound of 80-plus kilometre winds in our ears, the next -- nothing.

Erin: It can't be done. Just like that?

We looked outside. Sunny. The driving sheets of rain slowed to a sprinkle, and then stopped altogether. The radio told us most of Earl had passed through the Maritimes and was on its way to Labrador. It took a few minutes for them to mention PEI.

Radio: People in PEI shouldn't be fooled into thinking it's all over. The eye of the storm is just passing over central PEI right now.

The kids ran outside to get a bit of fresh air. I followed with my camera just as the wind was picking back up.

That's Henry and our neighbour playing baseball at the end of the clip.

Before the eye, the wind and rain were driving hard from the east to west. After the eye, it switched to the other direction (ah, the magic of a circular storm). Our poor tomato plants didn't know what hit them.


Jordan said...

All this really does is make me want to move to PEI.

Unknown said...

For the storms, or for the baseball?

Unknown said...

I stepped outside briefly a couple of times during the worst of the storm. Since we had out power back, we figured we might as well get cooking. I snipped parsley for our cauliflower/parmesan/parsley fritters (delicious), and returned to grab some basil for the tomato sauce that used up the dozens of tomatoes we'd rescued from our toppled vines.

I'll remember Earl first for the wind, second for the food.

Unknown said...

Glad it passed without much damage.