Geezers Rock

For the first year they knew each other, Henry and his best pal's entire relationship was based in hockey. All day. Every day. Hockey in the driveway.

We had to drag them into our houses, kicking and screaming, in order to feed them their meals. After a while, we just started putting out bowls of sliced apples, and they'd eventually get eaten.

One day this summer, they put down their sticks and started a band. At first it was called HJ Lightning (Henry-Jonah), but Henry informs me they've since renamed themselves Lightning Bolt. 

Jonah bangs tunelessly on a toy guitar. Henry pounds incessantly on an African drum. They have many songs and promise to have a proper concert soon. The only song I've been able to discern the lyrics to is this uplifting little ditty:

"Geezers Rock"
by Lightning Bolt

Some people think that geezers suck 
because they can't do anything.
But they do rock.

Geezers Rock!
A ding-dong-ditch all day

Geezers Rock!
A ding-dong-ditch all day

There are more verses, but they've never let me hear them. Other great tunes include "Zebras" and the self-titled "Lightning Bolt."


Craig Wesley said...

Available on iTunes?

Unknown said...

Not yet. But they are planning a video shoot.

Craig Wesley said...

Complete with supermodels, no doubt.

PS word verifier is "extodes"...does that imply reformed amphibions?

Jordan said...

I'll be hearing "A ding-dong-ditch all day" in my sleep tonight. Catchy, whatever tune it's sung to. Geezers rock!

Unknown said...

Jordan -- it's funny, guitar playing aside, it is a catchy ditty. Henry plays the drum consistently on the offbeat.

Craig -- sounds to me like wide elaboration of a story or concept. "Henry extoded on the properties of the Noble Gases."

Jenna said...

Love it! If the band needs an audience for a concert, be sure to send an invite - I owe it to the universe to repay the many concerts my family sat through years ago!

Rob Hutten said...

As the guitarist in a rock band whose members boast an average age of 53, I official request permission to cover this song.

Unknown said...

I am teaching Jonah guitar. He's had three lessons so far, and shows some promise. He doesn't know, but once we get to power chords, I'm going to show him how to play Geezers Rock. He will flip out.