How much water does one drink in 72 hours?

I just watched my reservist neighbour jump in his car wearing summer fatigues. I can only assume he's on his way for military and emergency preparations for Hurricane Earl -- which, at this point, will probably hit us this time tomorrow as a tropical storm. I think they're saying there's a one-in-five chance he'll still be a hurricane when he hits (Henry likes those odds).

I guess that's our cue to make our own preparations. Erin just called from Canadian Tire where she's buying jugs. We've determined that all our pots filled to the rim still probably aren't enough for the recommended 72 hours, and -- darn it -- I ain't drinking out of the bathtub (again).

Incidentally (and for the historical record of our family), today is the first day in eight that we are not going to the beach. About two weeks ago, we spent a freezing day at the beach -- cold water, cold air, shivering kids. Erin made me promise we'd spend every remaining sunny day this summer at the beach. We just never realized it would be so consistently beautiful this far into the season. I believe we have broken the record for Most Consecutive Days Spent At The Beach By A Family That Is Not Technically On Vacation.

Today, I actually am on vacation. And we're not going to the beach. Figure that one out.

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just us said...

Murphy and his laws. Hey, when are they going to name a hurricane Murphy? I know it's alphabetically ordered but how do you lobby to get a name chosen?