Little Ed

At the breakfast table. The last bits of toast and oatmeal are being eaten.

Jane: Henry -- let's pretend Little Ed is on a boat.

Henry: (still chewing) OK!

They run to the living room.

I cannot tell you much about Little Ed. I wish I could, but I can't.

Here is what I know: Little Ed is a Lego guy with a skateboarder shirt and a friendly smile. He has been on many adventures. I tell you all this second hand. I have never been on an adventure with him.

Little Ed is an exclusive game of Henry and Jane. I am (mostly) happy about this. Henry and Jane's relationship up until Little Ed has been mostly antagonistic. For some reason, Little Ed has brought them together. I have some theories why.

The part of Little Ed is always played by Jane. This is what appeals to her. She finally gets to be the protagonist. I cannot imagine what it is like being the younger sibling of Henry.

Jane also has inexhaustible knowledge of Little Ed's life. This is what appeals to Henry.

Henry: What did Little Ed eat for lunch?

Jane: Soup. And a roll. And chocolate cake with strawberries and sprinkles. 

Henry: What is his job?

Jane: Farmer. And a dentist.

Henry will never run out of questions. Jane will never run out of answers. Harmony.

I have attempted to play Little Ed. It's not that they won't let me. I just don't play correctly. My attempts to make suggestions or supply dialogue are usually met with blank stares.

I am only mostly happy about Little Ed. There have been few (if any) places the kids' imaginations have taken them to that I haven't been able to accompany them. I think it's fantastic that they are supplying the plot and story to their own life adventures -- I just can't help but feel a little sad about it.

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Unknown said...

i have started to see this happen, this life of their own, though my two don't yet have a world between them that doesn't include me. yet.

it will come, and be bittersweet, i know.

Little Ed has good lunches.