Using the mouth part to convey the thinking part

Alice and I sit munching at the breakfast table. We're trying to be quiet for the sake of the sleepies in the next room, but miming your way through a bowl of cornflakes does tend to make a person giggle. A groggy Henry soon joins us.

Me: Good morning, Cornbread.

Alice: Mor-nin, Corn-bread.

Henry slumps in his chair. He decides his heavy head is too heavy for his neck to support, so he lays it on the table beside his plate.

Henry: Morninff.

His eyes close.

Me: I just took this piece of toast from the toaster. You want it?

Henry: (eyes still closed) Mmm hmm.

Me: What would you like on it?

His eyes open. He looks at me. 

A few moments pass.

Me: What would you like me to put on it?

He keeps staring.

Me: Henry! What would you like me to put on your toast?

He sits up and looks annoyed.

Henry: Butter and strawberry jam! How many times do I have to say it?

(At least once)

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