Another Jane story

It is near the middle of November and it as warm and sunny as early Spring.

I sit on the front step giving the bikes their annual tuneup. Jane runs past. She's shed the sweater, hat, long-sleeve t-shirt, shoes, socks, and pants that she had on when we came outside hours earlier. Luckily, she was wearing a sun-dress under it all.

Me: Jane, you need to put your shoes and socks back on.

Jane: No.

Me: It's warm, but the ground is still cool and wet. Please put your shoes on.

Jane: OK. But you can't make me wear pants.


Craig Wesley said...

Rules for life: without fail, say "yes" to pie. as often as you can, say "no" to pants.

Jenna said...

She & Al will continue to get along great. This is his life motto: