It is the only logical conclusion

The five-year-old boy across the street is putting on a show for us.

He does cartwheels across his lawn. He tosses rocks high into the air. He shimmies across his front deck in some sort of primitive dance.

My kids egg him on from our own front step. Henry yells catcalls. Alice screams, "Go! Go!"

Jane watches intently as this boy prances about nearly a hundred metres away. Her eyes narrow.

"I think he wants to hug me."


karn said...

of course he does... that MUST be it!

Ruth Anne said...

tha classic mating dance begins - and the viper is in our OWN BACK YARD- cruel and unusual, right, Daddy?!

Craig Wesley said...

Statistically speaking, I believe Jane is most likely correct.

Misty said...

She's scary. She's knows too much. How can she know all the boy's tricks already?

Unknown said...

You said it. I'm terrified of my girls. I always assume females are all-knowing, and I do not question it. Life is easier that way.

I'm not saying Henry is never a headache, but I at least understand what is inside his head.