Thoughtful Jane

Jane and Alice were playing on the living room floor. Jane was suddenly struck by a pressing thought. She stopped and sat still for a minute before looking up at me.

"Dad, is it hard work having three kids?"

I looked at her. She's a sensitive girl, and deserved an honest answer.

"Yes," I said. "But it's fun, too."

"OK," she replied.

She turned back to her game with Alice.


Craig Wesley said...

Kudos to you for not seizing the opportunity to complain about pay....

Unknown said...

It was tough, but as I say, she deserved (and was looking for) the truth.

Jordan said...

I'm picturing a more grown-up Jane, who's fortunate enough to see the invention and perfection of time travel in her lifetime. She's got three kids who are all grown-ups themselves. Sometimes she wonders if her father ever found it as tough as she did sometimes. He always made it seem so easy.

Then one day she sees the ad on TV: Only $50,000 for one minute in the past. Relive any moment in your life!

Wow, she thinks, that's a lot of money...almost a week's groceries! But it would be so worth it, wouldn't it? I could finally know.

And so she goes to the 'And Then Again' outlet just down the road. She gets a quick briefing (You won't physically go back. Instead, your consciousness will be 'rewinded'; you'll be in the past, but in your old body. That's what fifty grand will get you.); she pays the money, signs the waivers, and then before she knows it...there she is. And there's her father.

It's totally worth it. Not only does she get the answer she's been looking for, she gets to play with Alice too, and see that cute little-kid smile she always loved.

Ok, it's either that, or she really is a very thoughtful kid.

Unknown said...

She sounds like a middle child to me:-)