Being included. Being three.

I am in a playground with the girls. A few other kids are here with us climbing on the equipment, sliding down slides, and playing games.

Two sisters, about seven and nine, chase each other in a game of tag. Their three-year-old brother is desperately trying to gain their attention.

Boy: Guys! You got to include me, OK?

I smile, but my heart breaks. Being three is so hard. You're so big, but so little.

His sisters don't even notice him. They run off.

Boy: GUYS! You're s'posed to in-CLUDE me!

He runs crying to the car, where his mum waits. Minutes later, he is back. The tears are gone. His hands are on his hips. He has a secret weapon.

Boy: (confidently) Guys. Mum says you got to include me or we're going home.

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SC said...

I love this story...! My husband and I have talked about three but a few weeks ago, we said, three is hard cause somebody is always feeling left out... case and point here!

I like that this little boy knows the right ammunition to you use!!

Thanks for sharing!