Tell it again

Santa brought a couple of CDs from our new favourite kids' artist. Elizabeth Mitchell understands, much as Raffi did in his first three or four albums, that kids music shouldn't be disposable. It should be timeless. It should be something they'll sing all their lives.

Evidence here and here.

The lyrics to one of the songs on her album "Sunny Day" pretty much sum up the philosophy of the Tomato Transplants blog. 

Tell it again!
Tell it again!
Tell it just the same!
The very same story,
the very same people,
and give it the very same end.


just us said...

I liked it and it took me on to Annie Lennox and I really dig her. Eclectic. That's the adjective in everyone of my stories.

Craig Wesley said...

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Not such a bad goal...and perhaps a good family motto?