Compromise: when no one gets what they want

Alice and Jane both received dolls for Christmas. They love them. They play with them every day. It's girly heaven.

Until this afternoon, when neither wanted to play with their respective babies. Nor the backup babies. No, they both wanted to play with Stella.

Poor Stella. The ratty, unloved third-tier doll with the unfortunate and un-washable stain above her lip that makes her look like baby Hitler. This afternoon, Stella had her moment in the sun. Everyone wanted her.

Alice screamed. Jane cried. Then Jane screamed and Alice cried. It was a fun half-hour.

Finally, Janey suggested they share Stella. Alice thought this was a wonderful new idea, despite me having already suggested it dozens of times.

Jane: I'll be the mumma. You be the grandma.

Alice: No, I mumma. You grandma.

Jane: I don't want to be the grandma. I'm the mumma!


This went on for another ten minutes. Then...

Jane: What if we're both the grandmas?

A pause. A consideration. A decision.

Alice: OK!

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