Maritime Magazine

I'll be on the CBC Radio program Maritime Magazine this coming Sunday morning to update a story I produced for them back in 2006. The original story was called "The Supernova Hunters." It featured a couple of amateur astronomers who did what many believed was impossible for anyone but a professional -- they discovered a supernova. They've since discovered several more, and now one the fellow's daughters, just ten-years-old, is discovering them, too.

If you like geeky science stories, or just enjoy hearing old Davy yakking on the radio, it'll be a real hoot. It's 8:30 a.m. Atlantic this Sunday morning. It'll be also available early next week as a podcast. I'll update with a link when it's live.

UPDATE: Listen to The Supernova Hunters, Part II here. Part I, from 2006, can be found here.


Craig Wesley said...

Great stuff, although there could have been a little more DA. Still, we're *so* proud.

I've been telling everyone you are, in fact, my son. Hope that's all right...

Unknown said...

I have never earnestly written the letters "LOL" on the internet before. I just came dangerously close.