A moment

It is middle of the afternoon on this snow day. We have assembled many puzzles. We have made light sabres from paper tubes, paint, and tin foil. We have had dance parties in the kitchen. Now it is time for popcorn.

We all sit around the little round table by the big window in the front room. Except for the munching, we are silent.

We watch the wind blow outside our window. The drifts are magnificent, and grow more so with each puff of wind and snow. We are all lost in our individual thoughts about the day, and about the fun that still lies ahead.

Jane: What does dog puke look like?


Misty said...

I love those questions. The where on earth did that come from questions.

Craig Wesley said...

Rhetorical question, I trust...?

Word verifier today: "unsides". How cool is *that*?