Two-year-olds of the world: Alice has your back

Alice stands on a chair at the kitchen counter. She is helping Erin make icing for cupcakes.

Erin: Use your spoon to mix it up.

Alice: (mashing awkwardly at the butter with her big wooden spoon) It's too hard.

Erin: You'll get it.

Alice pokes, stirs, and grunts. Eventually, the cocoa, butter, sugar, and milk start to mix together in a mass of creamy dark brown.

Alice: It's changing!

Erin: That's what's neat about baking. There are some magical changes.

Alice: Mah-jih-kal changes. Magical changes.

Erin: It's not every two-year-old who can say "magical changes."

Alice turns on her. Her brow furrows. Her stare is intense.

Alice: Yes we can.

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Craig Wesley said...

Whoops. Back to Diplomacy 101, Mum.