How to build a trebuchet out of snow: a tutorial by Henry (age 6)

It's easy.

Take two big snowballs. Put them on the ground.

Then, get a bunch of snowballs and put them on top.

Next, you need some snowballs. Bigger ones than the other ones, but not as big as the other ones.

Now, take some snowballs and put them in a line, sticking them together.

Then, you need one big snow ball here and another one here.

Finally, make a pile of snowballs for ammo, and you have a snow trebuchet.


Craig Wesley said...

Uh-huh. Is there IP protection on this design?

just us said...

It's better as a tv piece than radio. Just sayin'.

Unknown said...

It helps if you can picture him flailing his arms and hands as he describes it.