Jealousy. Donkeys. Mummies.

Erin and the kids are making plans to visit our friends' farm. Jane remembers a run-in she had last time with a donkey named Ruth.

Jane: Ruth pushed me over. Twice.

Erin: I think it was just once...

Jane: Why would she do that?

Erin: She was jealous.

Jane: Why would that make her push someone over?

Erin: If I spend extra time with Henry or Alice, you feel jealous and it makes you impatient and sometimes even angry.

Jane: You sometimes get jealous, too, Mum.

Erin: Not really. Older people usually learn to be patient about things like that.

A light clicks on in Jane's mind: a realization of a universal truth.

Jane: Donkeys and children get more jealous than mummies.

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Craig Wesley said...

Concur. Donkeys wrote the book on jealousy. The only time I can enjoy a civilised conversation with the sheep is when Ruth is *way* out in the paddock...