The girls would like a tea party.

Erin puts the water on to boil. She takes down the small pot given to us by our wonderful neighbour in Cape Breton. When the water is ready, she steeps the tea and brings it to the dining-room table.

The girls wait with their china cups before them. Erin puts a small amount of milk in the bottom of each cup before pouring in the tea. The girls add their own honey.

Alice stirs her milky-brown tea, listening to the tinkling sound of her spoon gently striking the inside of her china cup.

Alice: Can I have marshmallows?


Craig Wesley said...

Quite right. I understand HRH the Queen likes a few mallows, roasted on a spit over an open fire, along with her Earl Grey...

auntie said...

dear Craig, that would be "her Majesty the Queen" just to be entirely correct as we sip our tea and lick up our melting marshmallows :-)