Sisters. Semantics.

It's just before lunch. Alice stands on a chair beside me at the kitchen counter.

Alice: I holding mustard.

Me: Yes. We'll need that in a minute for the sandwiches.

Alice: And cheese.

We hear the front door burst open. Two angry feet kick off a pair of rubber boots and stomp across the house to the dining room. There is a scraping of chairs on the floor, then silence.

Alice: Who that?

Me: I think Janey is hiding under the table.

Alice: I go talk to her?

Me: Good idea.

Alice climbs down from her chair and walks to the dining room.

Alice: Jane? You in there?

Jane: No. Go away.

Alice: You mad at something?

Jane: Yes. 

Alice: You mad at Henry?

Jane: Yes. And I want to be alone.

Alice: OK.

They are quiet a moment.

Alice: I be alone with you, Janey?

Jane: OK.

More silence.

Alice: You want be alone with me in the tent?

Jane: Yeah! Let's go!


Craig Wesley said...

Don't forget "sororal support".

Ruth Anne said...

They are so lucky to have each other (and a tent)! Dear Alice is obviously of the pastoral care/social worker class!