Paper money, part one

Here's a story my dad told us last week when we were visiting.

"I was, oh, maybe seven or eight. And I must have been feeling pretty bold because I said to my mum, 'Mum, I've never had any paper money, you know.' And she looked at me and said, 'Is that right?'

"And do you know what she did? She walked to her purse and took out her wallet. She didn't pull out a one-dollar bill. She didn't pull out a two-dollar bill. She pulled out a five-dollar bill. I was stunned.

"So I said to her, 'This is all mine?' She said yes. And I said, 'Can I spend it on whatever I want?' She said yes.

"Six months later, I walked into McVitty's store in Leamington and bought the ball glove that I would use all through grade school. It cost four dollars and ninety-five cents. No tax. I don't know what I did with the nickel."

A moment passes.

Mum: I never knew that story before.

Dad sits back.

Dad: Now you do.


Lisa and Ty said...

Those are my favourite kinds of stories. The ones nobody's heard before.

karn said...

I can totally hear him responding... "now you do." that's a great story.