Sweet insubordination

Supper is ready. I am in the kitchen.

Me: Supper! Wash your hands and come to the table!

Two sets of tiny feet scurry to the bathroom. That means one set is still in the living room.

Me: Henry! Let's go. Suppertime.

Henry: In a minute.

Me: No. Now. It's supper.

Henry: No, Dad. I'm not coming yet.

Me: Cornbread -- it's suppertime. Go wash your hands.

Henry: No.

Oooooo, I'm mad. I stomp toward the living room. I see Erin is on her way, too. 

Me: Henry....

Erin: Henry....

We stride into the room: a lean, mean parenting unit. 

Henry lays on the couch. He is clutching a novel.

Henry: Just two more pages! Pleeeeeease? It's just getting to the good part!

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