Drunk again, apparently

It is a sunny Saturday evening. We've been invited to the home of some new friends for supper.

Our kids and their kids are getting along great. No hesitation. Just play.

This is nice, I think to myself.

Paul, our host, offers me a beer.

"Sure." I say.

We stand and chat next to the swings. Henry is swinging and listening.

Henry: Hey, Dad. Just drinkin' a beer, eh?

Me: Yup.

Henry turns to our host.

Henry: My dad gets drunk all the time.

Long pause.

Me: Thanks, Cornbread.


karn said...

this made me choke a little when i laughed :)

Unknown said...

So funny! Don't you just love kids... (hahaha - bet at THAT moment....)

Unknown said...

Nothing I could say could make it any less suspicious. I think I muttered something about hardly ever drinking.

Had I my wits about me, I would have said something like, "It's Daddy's medicine, Henry. You know that."