Early morning dogs

It is 5:34 a.m.

Alice and I are on the couch. We are playing dogs.

Alice's Dog: Hello.

My Dog: Hello.

Alice's Dog: I have blue eyes.

My Dog: I have black eyes.

Alice's Dog: I wish I had black eyes.

My Dog: I wish I had blue eyes.

Alice's Dog: Let's dance!

My Dog: Okay!

They dance.

Alice's Dog: I am wearing a red collar.

My Dog: I don't have any collar.

Alice's Dog: I wish I didn't have a collar.

My Dog: I wish I had a red collar.

Alice's Dog: Let's dance again!

My Dog: Yay!

They dance.



Misty said...

That reminds me of the book Go Dog Go.

Unknown said...

I LOVE that book. We have the copy I read as a kid. At some point, I wrote my name on the cover "DaViD", and scribbled a few extra dogs in the pages. Maaan, do those kids ever let me know how bad I was.

Lisa and Ty said...

Repeat for infinity.