The other curious incident of the dog in the night-time

4 a.m.

I am vaguely aware of wagging near my head. I open my eyes.

Jake: Oh, hey Dave! *wag wag wag*

Me: Mmph?

Jake: I think I need to go outside! *wag wag wag*

Me: Bathroom?

Jake: I guess so! *wag wag wag*

I get up. We walk to the front door. He steps a few paces from the house into the wet grass. He is just standing there.

Jake: *sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff*

I lean against the door frame and close my eyes.

Jake: Boy! What a beautiful night! *sniff sniff sniff*

Me: Yup.

Jake: *sniiiiifff* I just love the smell of the air just after it rains!

Me: *yawn* Uh huh.

Jake: *sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff*

Me: Are you going to go, or what?

Jake: I guess not! Let's go back to bed!

I follow him back to the room. He collapses on his rug and falls instantly asleep.

I forgive him for this. He is a good boy and does not ask for much. After a few minutes, I fall asleep, too.


5:12 a.m.

Wagging again.

Jake: Oh, hey Dave!


Lisa and Ty said...

Exactly like the book!

Unknown said...

Award winning!

Misty said...

We were camping so Shady the dog got the cozy ground to sleep on. At best the tent covering the ground. At 6 am I crack my eyes open to her very gently and slowly, so not to wake us, climbing onto a corner of our air mattress. I pretended to be asleep and rolled over giving her more space.