Blowing up the Sun

In the car.

Me: ...first of all, blowing up the Sun would be pretty tricky. You'd need a very big bomb. Probably bigger than the Earth. And when the Sun blows up, if it doesn't blow up the Earth at the same time, it would likely blast us into deep space. All the air and water around the planet would be blown away. Even if all that stuff didn't happen, without the Sun, the Earth would be colder that you could possibly imagine. Everything would die. I guess what I'm saying is, it's not a good idea to blow up the Sun.

The kids sit quietly thinking for a moment.

Jane: (whispering to Henry) Dad never let us do anything.


Misty said...

Yeah Dad. Geez. Next you'll be telling them they can't create a black hole.

Unknown said...

Lex Luthor's father experience similar blow back.

Unknown said...