A murder of rowdy and obnoxious crows flits from park to park in downtown Charlottetown, stopping only to preen feathers and harass pedestrians. The crows weave through city blocks toward their evening roosts in Victoria Park.

They rush past a man from Japan, likely a tourist. He is swept up in the noise and excitement of it all. He approaches Erin, speaking in broken English.

Man: What.. is.. happening?

Erin: We're crows!

Henry/Jane: Caw! Caw!

Man: Do the people of Char-lot-town dress as crows every year on this day?

Erin: Nope! This is the first time! It's a special night called Art in the Open.

He falls behind as he stops to takes a picture. Erin and the kids are now several dozen steps ahead. He rushes to catch up.

Man: This is.. wonderful!

Erin: I know!

Man: This is...

He searches for the word.

Man:  ..avant-garde!

Erin: It's somethin'! Caw! Caw!

(photo by Beth Johnston)


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Joy @ PEIMaritimes said...

I love the tourist's reaction to your exuberant crows. It's a perfect allusion to Art in the Open. Also, er- CAW!