Old Grandma D

Erin and I sit sipping coffee at the breakfast table. The girls play in the next room.

Jane: Let's play Old Grandma D!

Alice: OK!

I shoot Erin a confused look.

Me: Grandma D has become a game?

Erin: Didn't I tell you? Listen.

We hear the girls adjusting the couch cushions.

Jane: Ready?

Alice: Ready.

Jane/Alice: Ollllld Graaaandma.... DEE!

There is a soft booming sound, then giggling.

Alice: Again!

Jane/Alice: Olllld Graaaaandma.... DEE!

Erin and I creep to the door. The girls have pulled the couch cushions about six inches forward so that a lip of unsupported cushion hangs over the edge of the seat. They sit near the edge, shifting their weight forward little by little until there is nothing left holding up their bodies. They slide to the ground with a bump and a "Dee!"

Jane/Alice: Ollllld Grandma.... DEE!

Peels of laughter.

Erin: (softly) I think Grandma D would like this game.


auntie said...

OK Dave, I'm going to go ahead and add to the remembrances. I'm not sure how many of the family will be reading it yet.
As you know as many of us as are able are gathering for one more wedding (those babies DO grow up!).
We'll really miss those of you who couldn't come. And we'll miss Grandma too.
I hope they've got their hankies ready, because I've brought with me the last of the wedding quilts for the new groom and his bride. At some point this weekend the family will gather and the box will be opened and the waterworks will begin. It will be one more chapter in the saga of stories and happy memories.
But we'll cry. You may begin now,

Unknown said...

I didn't realize there was a spare. What a wonderful gift.