Nice folk deserve cookies

Sunday afternoon. Still at the farm. Henry is running a fever. I look up the number for Cooper's Red and White -- a small gas and grocery store in nearby Belfast.

Man: Hello.

Me: Hi. Is this Cooper's?

Man: Well, yes. But we're closed Sundays. This is our home number.

Me: Oh, Sorry. This is the number listed online.

Man: That's OK.

Me: You don't know if anything is open today, do you?

Man: What do you need?

Me: Just a bit of Tylenol for our boy. He's running a fever. I don't need to bother you on your day off.

Man: Now, now. Why don't you just come by the store and we'll set you up?

Me: Really?

Man: Really. We live in the house attached to the store.

Me: Wow. I'll be there shortly.

Twenty minutes later, I'm in the store with the girls. The man is ringing up our sale.

Me: Thanks so much. This was very nice of you.

Man: Not a problem. I hope your boy's feeling better.

Me: You're all dressed up. I hope we didn't stop you from going out.

Man: Not really. My wife's gone to a benefit in Iona. I told her I'd meet her there when I was all through here.

Me: Thanks. When my wife heard you were opening special for us, she sent these along.

I pass him a bag of fresh chocolate-chip cookies.

Man: You didn't have to do that.

He smiles.

Man: I'm not going to say 'no' to them, either.

I ask his name. David Cooper. There's a nice fellow for you.

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Ty Stapleton said...

Yay Cooper's! We get all our "damn, we forgot the ..." for the cottage.