Cold cups of tea

Two cold cups of tea sit on the table in the kitchen.

We thought we'd have two minutes to share these cups of tea together. Two minutes when no one was screaming. When we weren't running sick Henry to the bathroom. When there was no stuff to do.

So naive.

Somehow, in the midst of the stuff that inevitably needs doing, we collide in the kitchen next to the cups of tea.

Erin: We'll be cats in the next life.

Me: Cats?

Erin: Yeah. You and me. And we'll live with a really nice family and they'll take great care of us. And you know what we'll do all day?

I am smiling.

Me: What?

Erin: We'll stretch out together in sunny patches. We'll only get up when the sun moves. We'll sleep on all the beds. All the couches. Warm spots on the floor. It'll be lovely. Together.

Me: I love you so damn much.

Her eyes are bright.

Erin: Cats. Remember.

We run off in our different directions. Stuff calls.


Craig Wesley Jones said...

Always a place for the both of you out in our barns, Dave...

jz2 + faz + soleil = heart said...

you two are so beautiful.

Tim said...

As a long-time lurker here, and a father of 3 (ages 12-19), I can tell you that it does get easier as they get older. The time flies and pretty soon you'll start to have more time together. Sounds like you guys have a pretty special relationship. Thanks for all the great posts! Wish I had thought to do this when my kids were younger.

Unknown said...

That, Tim, is just what I needed to hear today. Thanks for stopping by.