Moments earlier


8:04 am. I am already half an hour late for work. I stand at the bathroom sink rinsing out Alice's clothes. I am vaguely aware of Henry standing at the door.

Moments earlier

We all sit at the breakfast table. I am about to take my first bite of toast.

Alice: I don't feel good.

She projectile vomits all over everything. Herself. The table. Our breakfast. Erin.

Moments earlier

Alice: I'm hungry!

Me: How about a nice big bowl of yogurt?

Alice: Yay!

Moments earlier

Erin drags herself down the stairs. She looks tired.

Me: How are you feeling?

Erin: Exhausted.

Me: How is your cold?

Erin: Stupid.

Me: Oh, my love.

Three hours earlier

I am sleeping.

Jane: (whispered) Daaad. My stomach hurts.

I force my eye lids open with my fingers.

Me:  OK, Janey. Let's go to the bathroom.

One hour earlier


Henry: (whispered) Daaad. I think I messed my pants.

Me: (eyes popping open) OK, buddy. Let's go clean you up.


I am rinsing clothes. I curse our washing machine. Three weeks ago it began spewing blobs of oil onto our clothing. Our new washer won't be installed for another week.

Henry stands at the door.

Henry: Dad, want to see the pirate scene I made?

Me: I'd love to buddy. I just have to finish doing what I'm doing here.

He stomps his foot on the floor.

Henry: You only ever do what you want to do!


Bon said...

oof, my heart.

i feel like i am constantly saying "just a minute" to the same kind of "come see!" requests. the mundanities of this job are tough. especially with all that sick and little sleep.

wishing you all well.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Bonnie. I want to give every "come see!" as much enthusiasm as it deserves.

This morning, every call from Erin began and ending with laughing. Bless her.

Ruth Anne said...

Oh, poor you - all! Hope the girls' versions don't last as long as Henry's did - and hope that his perspective will start to broaden a bit - darn, that maturing process just takes so long to "mature" sometimes! - at least, he has tons of good examples once he starts to see and recognize them! Take care and God Bless you all.