MOriginal Luv Songs

Yes, I am participating in Movember: the moustache-growing, prostate-cancer fundraising activity that's sweeping the nation this November. I am part of a great team of fellows (and one lovely Margaret) from my work called Taskforce Awesome.

Thursday evening, we announced on Twitter and Facebook that I would write an original song for the first four people who donated at least ten dollars to my Movember page (found at I'd write and record them over my lunch hour the following day. To whet the whistles of potential donors, I posted what I called my MOriginal Luv Song Sampler on YouTube. (watch it here).

Two of the songs were snatched up right away by my friends Christina and Melanie. By mid-morning Friday, the two remaining songs were purchased by generous donations from my friend Jenna, and an anonymous donor.

My good friend and colleague Neally ( is a video producer. He stood patiently by as I wrote the songs. As soon as one was finished, we'd record it. We recorded all four songs in about 40 minutes.

We did them all in one take, so there are, um, mistakes and stuff. But we chalked it up to spontaneity. Yeah, spontaneity.

I think #4 turned out the best, myself.

We had lots of fun, and raised about 150 bucks for the day. Taskforce Awesome leads our network at the University of Prince Edward Island, but we're not being complacent. No sir. I expect a mad rush at the end by the students. Our motto: slow and steady growth. Actually, our motto is "But, baby! I thought that you hated cancer!"

I guess we have two mottos.

Anywho. Donate, if you can! If you'd like to buy a song, stay tuned. We may do the whole thing again next week.

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Carman said...

Very Creative, Dave. Good stuff!